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Wifi problems

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WiFi problems happen and sometimes you just don’t know what is happening. It may not be your fault. The WiFi module device could be bad or it could be configured wrong. Bring us your device and we will work on it and let you know exactly what is going on. If a new WiFi module is needed we will order the required part and install it the same day we receive said part.

We accept your gadget

You bring your gadget or we come and get it.

Diagnose and repair

We then diagnose the issue and let you know the cause. Then we start repairs.

You pick up your gadget

Once your device is repaired we will call you to come pick it up.

My phone was not working and wouldn’t connect to WiFi, with Tech Friendz help I was able to get my phone back the same day for a very price friendly cost.

– Alex Brown

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